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Composite Sketches
Identify The Perpetrator. Eliminate erroneous information. Corroborate the witness’ testimony.

The forensic artist heeds these three tenets. In collaboration with your attestant, we create an illustrative likeness of the perpetrator from the combination of individually described facial components. As an investigative tool, composite sketches can be utilized to recognize or eliminate any unidentified individual for any crime, ranging from misdemeanors to homicide. Let Anatomical Justice aid in the apprehension of your suspect.
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Age Progressions
Improve Your Images. Taking into consideration all the variables involved with the aging process; facts are gathered on a suspect or victim, such as lifestyle, genetics, weight, hair loss and prior occupation. Then, by utilizing the compiled data, the forensic artist can extrapolate the individual’s current visage.

Through forensic compositing we can progress or regress any individual, to either help investigators solve crimes or recover missing citizens. We can add features such as glasses, facial hair, hats and variant hairstyles. Also beneficial for the general public, this service can portray your children in the future, predict how a couple’s offspring would appear, or age lost love ones to any stage of life.
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Facial Reconstructions
Reassemble The Identity. In collaboration with a forensic anthropologist (who determines sex, age, and race) Anatomical Justice can recreate the faces of unidentified individuals from their skeletal remains. This can be performed either by two-dimensional facial imaging techniques based on ante mortem photographs and the skull, or three-dimensional sculptures created with modeling clay or computer images.

Facial reconstruction presents family members and investigators involved in criminal cases a unique alternative when all other identification techniques have failed, often providing the stimulus that eventually leads to the positive ID of said remains.
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